11 July 2019: Mud, Blood and Beer

Mud . . .

Well rutted‘ would be a rough summary of Andrew’s route. Indeed, some say that’s a rough summary of Andrew.

Starting from the Fleur in Widdington, Andrew led us out of the village via Cornells Lane – a no through road that degenerates into a dirt track; easy terrain for a ruggedised Land Rover but quite challenging for cyclists. Before long we had shouldered the bikes and were picking our way around trench-fuls of mud.

The other talking point of the day was Graham, or rather Graham’s face, which bore the scars of a heavy tumble from a mountain bike earlier in the week. It looked terrible but he assured us it only hurt when he smiled.

Blood . . .

So there was plenty to talk about when we pulled into the Blue Egg for coffee. It was here that Geoff let slip it was his birthday and he would be buying the beers. Quick as a flash we were back on the bikes and peddling furiously towards Widdington. Howard and Roger being the fittest – or maybe just the thirstiest – beat the rest of us to the bar by a clear 10 minutes.

. . . and beer!

Landlord Chris served us an excellent lunch in the garden and we raised a glass to Geoff. Happy Birthday, old timer!

For the record:

Roger, Victor, Andrew, Charles, Geoff, Simon, Chris and Nigel all clocked up 36 miles – with Sandra, Howard, Graham and Brian adding several more cycling from home and back.

Thanks, Andrew, for organising everything. We even enjoyed the muddy challenge.


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