11.03.19 – Happy birthday Maurice

I don’t know how he does it but on so many of the rides Maurice organises, the weather seems to be on his side!! This afternoon would be no exception, the sun shone and the winds from previous storms would ease but not be totally still, so the decision would be to reverse a regular Monday route, to go out into the wind along mostly sheltered roads and take advantage of a tail wind from Kelshall and Therfield back along Reed Joint.

Andrew freshly back from a challenging journey across The Channel in force 11 gales and Sandra would join Maurice to celebrate the big day!

Heading out from The Tally Ho to Nuthampstead, Anstey, Wyddial, Buntingford before crossing the A10 to head through to Sandon and on to Kelshall and Therfield, where the promised tail wind had all but disappeared to a light breeze, needless to say we didn’t achieve 36mph along Reed Joint that I’d experienced on Saturday prior to this ride (quite exhilarating I must say!), especially when you see two other cyclists battling into the headwind, very much like my first Storm Sandra ride with Brummie Brian and Martin a couple of years ago!!!

Back at The Tally Ho and word had clearly got out that it was Maurice’s birthday. Friends and locals flocked in to help with the celebrations and to devour the lovely chips Saleesha had cooked specially for us.

11.03.19 Mauric's birthday ride.png
20 miles clockwise

Thanks Maurice for organising and the refreshments, hope you enjoyed your birthday, sorry we forgot the fireworks!!


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