4 March. Discovery ride. 20 miles.

There was the promise of chips and good beer at the end of this ride but we had to settle for the beer. Maurice came on his usual non-e bike, accompanied by Nigel, Sandra and Martin and it was good to be joined by Lyn B and Bridget at the end.

Setting off from The Tally Ho! at 3.30pm on a mild Spring day brought another reminder of the longer days to come. The countryside was ablaze with daffodils, with hedges beginning to sprout in all directions, not knowing that storms would soon be giving them a rough time.

Here is the route taken:

The lanes were quiet, as usual, the main vehicle of choice amongst the locals seemingly being a Land Rover Discovery. We must have spotted at least a dozen, both old and new, with one driver so determined to overtake us on the hill coming out of Arkesden towards Clavering that he narrowly missed an oncoming car and then swerved into the gully between tarmac and a ditch before regaining control. We rather hoped he might end up in the ditch. The other Discovery drivers were much better behaved.

Maurice brought along an early photograph of a Windmill Club ride taken, we think by him, in October 2014 in Duddenhoe End:

Who’s who? Help needed to fill in the gaps. From the left John B, ?, Lyn B, Steve, Kell, Lindsey, ?, Andrew, Linda W?, ? (a colleague of Linda’s). 

Back in The Tally Ho! we enjoyed good conversation and good beer whilst enjoying the company of Lyn B and Bridget. There was much discussion about returning to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer in 2014 when more ladies joined us on Monday rides. We hope to encourage others to ride with us, particularly now that the days are getting longer, and would welcome ideas about how to achieve this.

Thanks to Maurice for planning the route and to Sandra for getting us to the starting line. (Andrew was busy whizzing down the slopes in Les Gets.)




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