18 February. John Tarrington Memorial Ride. 17.5 miles.


Four Windmillers, Maurice, Andrew, Sandra and Martin, set off from The Bull, Lower Langley, at 3.00pm, exactly a week after John Tarrington’s funeral in Stevenage. His funeral was attended by a large gathering of his family, friends and colleagues – standing room only for many – followed by a wake at The Woodman in Nuthampstead. It was a fitting end for someone who enjoyed life to the full and who never gave up. There were some wonderful memories and reflections on John at the service and Bridget has supplied some additional eulogies from his rugby playing chums which can be accessed here: John Tarrington Eulogies .  Amongst many fine stories and memories, it is good to read of his novel method of ordering a meal in a Chinese restaurant in the ’60’s!

There was a very good turnout of Windmillers at John’s funeral and so it was good that some of those who attended could also pay their last respects by cycling via Nuthampstead on today’s ride. And who should we meet outside The Woodman but Bridget, who explained that the flowers in front of the World War II Memorial for American servicemen, shown above, were those that had bedecked John’s coffin. John was closely associated with the work of the Nuthampstead Airfield Museum which is behind The Woodman.

Having invited Bridget to join us for a drink at The Bull at opening time, the Windmillers continued their circuit via Anstey, the Pelhams and Meesden before arriving back at The Bull bang on 5.00pm. How does Maurice manage this kind of precision? It is indeed masterful. En route, Sandra indicated that she does not intend to let Graham ride away with the 2019 longest distance award. Not only is she regularly cycling to and from a ride’s start / finish point but she had clocked up a mere 80+ ‘leisurely’ miles the day before. What a role model!

Here is the route taken:

Bull Circuit 18 Feb 19

Maurice was proudly displaying the modifications to the e-bike which he first purchased from a chap in Aldeburgh shortly after his hip operation last year. It was a bit troublesome from the start what with difficulty in removing the rear wheel to mend punctures, to a limited range and then, finally, the complete collapse of the hub of the rear wheel. The difference now is amazing thanks to some clever Chinese technology – a new wheel with an efficient, powerful motor and better range with the same battery. And should there be a puncture the rear wheel can be easily removed too. All this and new controls, brake levers too for less than £200. The only downside is weight as it needs a fork lift truck to get it into Maurice’s car.

Good to be back at The Bull
The much loved Pizza van has gone – hopefully there will be no argy bargy about the food from this van. We shall look forward to trying it out on a summer evening’s ride. 

Although it had been a mild weather ride it was still very pleasant to sit down at the bar of The Bull to enjoy a pint of Benny’s Best in front of the fire, and even better when Bridget joined us and relayed more stories about John. We shall miss him but hope to see Bridget on future rides.

John Tarrington, RIP
John Tarrington, RIP

Thanks of course to Maurice for leading the way and to Andrew for getting us to the starting line on time.


PS. Don’t forget to bid high for John’s bikes! All proceeds to Headline – the brain injury charity



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