21 February 2019: Moulton

Windmillers performing their YMCA routine

Eight Windmillers – Graham, Victor, Sandra, Simon, Roger, Maurice, Andrew and Brian – turned out on Thursday for an excursion into Suffolk. But we hadn’t long left Moulton when Andrew pulled up with a puncture. It only took fifteen minutes to fix – by which time, Andrew was covered in oil and Roger was bleeding from a cut finger. (Health and safety be damned!) Thankfully, Sandra was on hand with wet wipes, the puncture was mended and we were on our way once more.

That looks painful, Andrew

Maurice led the way out to the Maglia Rosso cycle shop and café, where we pulled in for coffee and inspected the fancy bikes on sale, some for three thousand quid. Any Windmiller seeking a more sensibly priced machine should contact Andrew, as Bridget Tarrington has kindly donated two of John’s machines to the club. These are available at very reasonable prices and all proceeds will go one of our charities. Well done, Bridget (and John!)

Maurice and Andrew at Dalham Windmill

Back on the bikes, we made the return leg via Hargrave and Dalham, posing for photos by the Windmill, before returning hungry and thirsty to the Packhouse at Moulton. We enjoyed an excellent lunch of steak sandwiches washed down with some very good beer.

Roger performing something or other

Thanks, Maurice and Andrew, for organising another great outing.

Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 17.45.55
31 miles clockwise from Moulton


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