19.09.18 – Great Monday turnout.

What a glorious evening to go cycling, meeting at The Bull, Lower Langley in the sunshine were newest New-by Deborah, shortest time as New-by Simon (1 week), Maurice, Andrew, John T, Keith and Sandra.

Introductions over and we headed up towards Meesden Bury, Brent Pelham, Furneux Pelham, thankfully not opting for the off-road route or what is also known as the longest ford!! We would have been more than happy to meet ‘Off Road King Andrew’ at the other end, had he chosen to partake but was persuaded otherwise, even though it had been a very dry period of late.

On to Manuden and up to Rickling Green, Maurice having thrown down the gauntlet to anyone wishing to have a bit of a burn up the hills on route. Well it seems that I was the only one feeling the need to stretch my legs a bit more (even though I’d ridden to the start, John T having ridden to the start too). So, I sat over looking the green and the Cricketers Arms, longing for some refreshment until the crew arrived (probably could have managed a swift half after all!!).

Once regrouped we headed to Rickling and the hopes of a photo opportunity with the Black Swan but sadly no swan and a dry pond was found (Not sure what has happened to the Black Swan)!

Heading back with long shadows behind, the sun is getting low!!

The sun was dropping and the shadows lengthening, so we returned via Wicken Bonhunt, Arkesden, avoiding the gravely off-road section to Duddenhoe End and then into the now blinding sun to Langley, Lower Langley and welcome refreshments at The Bull.

17.09.18 The Bull and Beyond.png
21 miles anticlockwise, right hand circle. The other circle is my circuit to the Bull and back adding about 15 miles

Thanks to Maurice for the route and Andrew for organising us.


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