24 September. Russian spies on their bikes. 20 miles.

It was good to have two newish members, Simon and Deborah, join Andrew and Martin on this Monday evening ride around the lanes. But given their interest in stopping to examine a nuclear fall out shelter near Brent Pelham, were they in fact Russian spies we wondered, or is this just fake news?

Starting from The Bull in Lower Langley, where a large beer festival had been held over the weekend and luckily for us there was a lot left over, our ride took us through stunning lanes just as the sun was getting low in the sky. Here is the route taken:


Avoiding all off-road alternatives, we sped along thinking of the beer to be sampled back at the Bull until we pulled up near the aforesaid nuclear bunker, built during the height of the cold war when it was feared the Russians could have been overhead at any time.

Three Russian spies
Generals Simonski, Martinski and Deborahski in front of the nuclear shelter in Brent Pelham (well camouflaged by undergrowth)

Then it was on to Anstey where one bright spark who shall be nameless suggested we might call on Keith, but not knowing exactly which house he lived in we just rode up his driveway, hung around making a few noises and then departed without seeing him – just as well as he had a rotten cold. But the security system of thorns / flints on his driveway succeeded in giving Martin a puncture at a time when the light was beginning to fade but it was repaired in a reasonable time thanks to a team effort.

When we finally reached The Bull it was great to see John B who had been out riding in the same area and maestro Maurice was propped up on a bar stool too with an indecent suntan having just got back from sailing around Majorca. The huge range of beers left over from the festival were priced at just £2.00 a pint and so we just had to take advantage of that, and take some home too for good measure.

Heresy bitter and Nethergate Mild were looking for good homes, and found plenty

Thanks to Andrew for organising a great ride and to the staff of The Bull who always give us such a warm welcome.



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