11th Jan 18 – Scotch mist!!!

Fleur de Lys, Widdington would be the starting point for this ride, with five riders attending, Maurice, Andrew, Low Carbon Rick, Nightrider Nigel and Sandra. Great to have Maurice back in the saddle, albeit dosed up on pain killers and Nigel back after his recent ladder incident, with glowing reports for the NHS, I think it’s fair to say he was checked over thoroughly.

With a forecast of fog, we prepared with high-vis and lights to make sure we would be seen, shame some drivers don’t think the same way though, as we encountered one white van along the route with no lights, barely visible heading towards us on a narrow road, he clearly took umbrage at meeting us that he turned around to make a second attempt to take some of us out, glad to say he didn’t succeed!!

The route below anticlockwise, from Widdington we headed to Henham, off roading was mentioned along the way, which we declined, then on to Thaxted and coffee in Parishes Cafe, where most of us declined cake with the coffee, (could this be a new year resolution or our we worried about the impending weigh in when Martin gets back), apart from Rick who chose the iced fruit cake (he deserves it with the extra miles travelled), sadly not on a par with the usual sizeable portion (bitesize let’s say)!! Suitably refreshed with caffeine we set off to Great Sampford and Radwinter, at this point we split into two groups, Andrew, Nigel and Rick opting for the scenic route via Whimbish Green and Maurice and I set off on the main road, as we parted Andrew was heard to say “Let’s see who gets there first” and the race started. Even though the 3 did almost an extra mile, we would be at the Tye Green junction at the same time (apparently they really upped the pace, I’ve heard since) but we had more climbing to do!!

So much for a foggy day, it was more like light drizzle which turned into substantial rain towards the end, needless to say discussions on how are waterproofs had faired ensued as we closed in on the Fleur de Lys. Starting to wonder if triathlon gear (wet/drysuits) would be an idea for future rides, especially as discussions over lunch turned to boats, the boat show and water skiing, there could be something in this!!

Fine food, beer and company.
11.01.18 - Widdington.png
24.6 or 25.4 miles anti clockwise

Warm welcome, lovely food and beer greeted us back at the Fleur de Lys.

Thanks for a great ride Maurice and to Andrew for organising us.


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