8th Jan 18 – Keeping the wheels turning

The first official Monday outing for 2018 would be lonely affair (Yes I did head out on the 1st Jan for 19.5 miles, while everyone else was recovering from partying the night before!!). Determined to keep the Windmillers wheels turning, I was to set off on my own. With many away skiing, numbers were down and it looked like being just Andrew and myself. A dreary day set in, when I got the call from Dawg, that he was going to give it a miss, preferring to stay home with the dogs, well it was Hectors birthday. OK, I’ll see how the drizzle pans out and decide later whether to go or not, also remembering there was potential of some newbies turning up too (clearly fair weather riders, as they didn’t show!).

14.00 and The Tally Ho car park was heaving, good sign for the New Year. It was dry when I set off anticlockwise on the route below, taking in Anstey, Brent Pelham, Stickling Green, Arkesden, Duddenhoe End and enjoying the newly refurbished roads to Langley Upper and Lower Greens back to Meesden, Nuthampstead and Barkway. Needless to say I didn’t stay dry for very long but not as wet as some recent rides!! No off-road sections, although some of the roads were akin to the average dirt track

08.01.2018 .png

22 miles and so looking forward to a pint and warm by the fire in the Tally Ho but it was not to be!! New Year new opening times. Never mind, I was glad I made the effort.


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