15th Jan 18 – Bikes or Boats?!

Arrangements had been made to meet at the Tally Ho, Barkway at 14.00. Would this be a good decision or not to go ahead, with on/off rain all morning and by midday the skies  couldn’t get much darker or the rain any stronger. Just as this heavy shower passed over Royston and headed to Wendons Ambo, the call came from Andrew, sheepishly looking to call it off, at the same time the clouds were clearing and the sun started to show itself, I couldn’t believe it myself but assured Andrew, so we postponed to 14.30. It was going to be just the two of us, so we’ll see what it’s like then. Sure enough the sun was shining as we met in the car park.

Suggestions on arrival that we should have brought boats instead of bikes, Andrew having driven through more flooding than me on the way to Barkway and clearly got his Health and Safety hat on, still unsure if this was a wise decision to go out. “We’ll be fine, the suns out, if a bit windy” I assured him. So we set off.

Not even 2.4 miles into the ride and we are pulling over outside ‘Morrice’ Green Cottage (there must be a connection there, even if spelt differently!) to sort out a puncture in Andrews front tyre (recently repaired following encountering hedge cutting debris), not that I was timing but the five-minute record still stands. Onwards to Shaftenhoe End, then up to Little Chishill, the drainage ditches flowing greater than seen before, on to Langley Lower Green, turning right to Meesden Bury and having to cross over the bridge instead of the fast flowing ford. The sun shone brightly and we headed to Roast Green, Starlings Green where several Red Kites were circling and playing just above the treetops above our heads, the fields looking vibrant, spring clearly on the way. On to Brent Pelham, Meesden, Anstey to Barkway encountering some fully flooded roads, good opportunity to relive the Hovis ad with legs adrift, sailing through the water.

Meeting up with Maurice back at the Tally Ho and Saleesha providing a warm welcome, good beer and nibbles even if some were a bit fiery (spicy wings).

20 miles clockwise

Thanks Andrew for relenting and coming out. Glad we made the effort.


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