6th Nov 17 – Tally Ho and Bon Voyage

Still in search of suitable hostelries to take on the challenge of providing refreshments for a group of thirsty cyclists, we started from The Tally Ho, Barkway, always a good standby and open all day too.

A perfect afternoon awaited us for this ride, clear blue skies and light winds. A small group of Maurice, Keith and Sandra set off along Barkway High Street towards Reed and then Therfield, where we cast an eye to see if The Fox and Duck was open, sadly not!! From Therfield we headed across towards Kelshall and Stump’s Cross (a favoured place to take in the views of the surrounding area), on route several Fallow Deer were spotted merrily grazing in the fields alongside us. From Stump’s Cross we headed to Sandon, knowing there are no pubs left in this village, we headed for The Bagrie Shepherd’s Hut, glancing through the trees in search of activity, sadly not, so we carried on to skirt the edge of Buntingford to Wyddial where there was a notable drop in temperature as the sun dropped low in the sky, then on towards Anstey before veering off back towards Barkway via the golf course, taking in the lovely sunset on the way.

Sun setting over Wyddial

Back to The Tally Ho, for a warm welcome, quality beers and as important a warming fire, the evening had turned rather chilly by this time.  The new chef was taking a break at the bar before the evening diners arrived, thus crisps/peanuts were on offer for those so inclined. Future visits should reap greater rewards. By the time we left, it was understandable his need for this break, with many locals turning out to take on sustenance, good signs of what could be!!

Tally Ho 06.11.17
17.5 miles anticlockwise

This would be Keith’s last ride out with us before jetting off to join the ‘Barmy Army’ down under and meeting up with friends and family, we wish him Bon Voyage and hoping for some quality cricket too.

Thanks Maurice for organising another great ride.


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