13 November. Tally Ho! 20 miles

With the shooting season in full swing, The Tallo Ho in Barkway was the perfect pub for Maurice, Andrew, Sandra and Martin to start and finish their ride.


There were of course no horses or hounds in evidence as we cruised around the lanes on a fine afternoon, taking in Anstey, Meesden, the Langleys (too early for The Bull, unfortunately), Duddenhoe End, Arkesden, Stickling Green, Roast Green and back through Meesden. The long shadows created opportunities for creative photography, at Andrew’s suggestion, such as this:

Shadowy people near Lower Langley – who’s who?

and this:

Meesden sunset

The rutting season has been  strongly in evidence on recent rides and today was no exception. A herd of a dozen or so fallow deer charged through a field parallel to us at  18 mph for a few hundred yards before taking a sharp right and crossing the road ahead of us in rapid succession. Care is needed in these situations as the deer have clearly not read the Highway Code.

Sandra’s eagle eye can always spot interesting wild life half a mile away. Today she spotted a large buzzard on top of a telegraph pole which ignored her as she cycled past but took off lazily when the chaps came abreast.

After a lovely ride it was good to return to a warm welcome at The Tally Ho and enjoy a beer in front of the fire. A large group which had been been on a day’s shoot were doing likewise.

Thanks to Maurice and Andrew for planning another very pleasant Monday ride.




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