9 November 2017: Dining out in Essex & Herts

Sandra and friend
Sandra and friend near Rickling

It wasn’t anybody’s birthday – there would be no free beer today – so turnout was down to just seven Windmillers. But this was a ride for the foodies amongst us!

Firstly, we planned to stop for refreshments in Puckeridge to savour the wonderful cakes, scones and coffee at the Something Lovely Tea Room, a favourite haunt of the Windmillers where we are guaranteed a warm welcome from the ladies who bake. As this was Yorkie Brian’s first visit we took care to point out the full English breakfast being served on the ceiling (no kidding; go and see for yourself). Brian was impressed but opted instead for a hot chocolate, fruit scone, clotted cream and jam, not wanting to spoil his appetite for lunch,

Something Lovely Tea Room, Puckeridge
Our favourite tea room, Puckeridge

Speaking of lunch, this was to be taken at the Fleur de Lys, another Windmiller favourite and surely a candidate for the most welcoming pub in Essex. Landlord Chris had reserved our usual table by the fire and served up some excellent beer and a superb lunch. The cod goujons – served on a bed of aubergine and cous cous – were a triumph! Likewise the Stortford Pale Ale.

Oh, and we did a bit of cycling too, in and around North Essex / Hertfordshire border country, Maurice leading the way from Widdington through Rickling and the Pelhams, to Braughing, Puckeridge and Standon, before returning via the Hadhams and Elsenham to Widdington. Maurice was joined by Andrew, Martin, Sandra, Tom and Brians; Yorkie and Brummie. Nobody fell off and there were no punctures.

Thanks, Maurice, for another splendid day. We are looking forward to dining with you again next week.

Bon appetit!


Screenshot 2017-11-10 at 12.57.41
33 miles anticlockwise from Widdington
St Mary the Virgin, Furneux Pelham
Wise words on the clock tower at Furneux Pelham: TIME FLIES – MIND YOUR BUSINESS
On the house opposite St Mary's
. . . and they’ve tried to copy them on the wall of the house opposite.
Old Boys' School, Braughing
Old Boys’ School, Braughing

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