10 July. In memory of Charlie the Big Brown Bear. 20 miles

Simon and Charlie outside The Pheasant

This was indeed a sad day. Many of us had got used to seeing Charlie at The Pheasant whilst we were out for a ride and we shall miss him. Here is Andrew’s message to members:

Sad to report the passing of what could have been described as the Windmill Club’s four legged mascot Charlie the Chocolate Labrador who died on Friday.

Yesterday Charlie would have celebrated his 16th birthday however sadly he missed this by only 3days.

Many will have memories of Charlie being tethered to the bench near the kitchen at The Pheasant while we rode out and being pampered with crisps by John Bagrie while he (John) enjoyed beer in the garden.

I dedicated last night’s ride to my lovely boy Charlie and if you click on the link below you can relive the ride.

Our speed was not as fast as on the link above but the route took in Elmdon, where Maurice, Andrew, Chris and Martin stopped to see if Simon and Ollie were at home. They were not so we proceeded to Duddenhoe End, Arkesden, Wicken Bonhunt, Rickling, Clavering and Lower Langley where we met up once again with John B at The Bull, after which we all cycled back to The Pheasant for a plentiful helping of scampi and chips.

John B en route 
Chris and Andrew in front of an unidentified tree in full bloom – Rick, can you help?

Thanks to Maurice and Andrew for organising the ride and condolences to Andrew and Lindsey on the loss of Charlie. He had a good innings.



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