16 Feb. Blue Skies over Burwash Manor

All smiles in Barrington, despite the puncture

Thursday morning in The Pheasant car park and Maurice was running through the health and safety briefing. Today’s hazards would be twofold: firstly we should take special care on the busy A505. Secondly, we should watch out for any more bits falling off Andrew’s bike and take avoiding action.

Sure enough, we had only gone 500 yards and Andrew was shedding metalwork; nothing critical this time, just half a pedal. “Don’t worry, everything’s fine, just leave it”, he yelled over his shoulder. We carried on.

The A505 was indeed busy but, thankfully, we were only on it for a few minutes. Pulling off, we re-grouped outside Ron Charlton’s scrap yard, Andrew ignoring our jibes about trading in his bike for something more reliable.

We were heading north on a 30 mile circuit taking in Thriplow, Haslingfield, Barton, Barrington and Fowlmere. And blue skies meant we had a good turnout – Maurice, Andrew, Rod, Vernon, Sandra, Tom, Ken, Ric, John and Brian – ten Windmillers in all.

Stopping for coffee and cake at Burwash Manor, we sat outside sunning ourselves and listening to John bemoaning the price of their fancy Italian craft beer.

Back on the bikes for the return leg, Maurice succumbed to a puncture in Barrington – but this was soon repaired and we were on the road homewards once more. Returning to The Pheasant, we were delighted to be joined for lunch by Martin, Glenis and Marguerite.

Another delightful morning in the saddle and a good lunch in great company.

And thanks again to Maurice and Andrew for organising everything.


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