13 Feb – Tally-Ho, Barkway to Clavering and Back

Yet another pleasant if breezy afternoon awaited the group of four, Maurice, Andrew, Chris and Sandra outside the Tally-Ho, for what would be a 20.6 mile excursion.

Great to have Chris back in the saddle after successful eye surgery. Discussions at the start of Andrew’s over exuberant decorating exploits over the weekend, thus sporting a back injury and of Chris breaking himself back in gradually and having chosen to try a few Monday rides before getting back into the Thursday rides, as Monday rides would be shorter and less exertive. Not sure where he got that information from! Baring this in mind Maurice quickly rejigged the route to be as he put it ‘A Flat Route’. Well, then came the description of where we were going -“UP to ”, then UP to ”, then UP to and so on”, the colour drained from Chris’s face, what had he let himself in for! We quickly reassured him that it was all metaphorically speaking and wouldn’t be that hilly!!

We set off into the wind to Clavering via Anstey, Meesden and Sheepcote Green, then we headed to Wicken Bonhunt, from there we took advantage of the wind behind us back to Barkway via Arkesden, Newlands End, Coopers End, Duddenhoe End, Langley Upper and Lower Greens, Meesden and Anstey. A moderate 630ft climbed in the process.

Thanks to Maurice for another great ride and Andrew for organising us all.

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