9 Feb 2017. Great Dunmow and back

Yet another chilly Thursday morning with the prospect of easterly winds and snow flurries; cold indeed, but not cold enough to deter hardy Windmillers.

So it was that Maurice, Sandra, Andrew, Tom, John and Brian set off from the Fleur to explore a new route to the east of Stansted Airport. We were well wrapped up, lots of layers, and John sporting a black balaclava with holes for eyes; a rather intimidating bank robber chic look.

Thankfully, this was to be an uneventful ride – no breakdowns, no punctures – and too cold even to pause for photos. We stopped just once, at Great Dunmow, pulling in for refreshment at Flitch Coffee, which proved a popular choice with John as it was next door to the Boar’s Head. We suggested he remove the black balaclava before entering.

Twenty minutes later and we were on the road again, Sandra having put her head round the pub door had summoned John with a jaunty, “Are you coming, darling?”

The return leg took in the Eastons and Pledgdon on quiet roads and through some lovely countryside. Returning to the Fleur we were delighted to be joined by Martin, still recovering from a nasty bout of flu, and Ken.

Thanks again to Maurice for planning the day and Andrew for organising things.

Flu? What flu?
Flu? What flu?
Sandra & Maurice keeping a healthy distance from Martin
28 miles anticlockwise from Widdington
28 miles anticlockwise from Widdington

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