6th Feb Barkway – Braughing and back.

With the evenings getting lighter, a later start of 14.30 at the Tally-Ho, Barkway for Maurice, Andrew and Sandra, for a 21 mile circuit of some of Hertfordshire’s villages.

Setting off from Barkway on the scenic/safer route to Wyddial via Barkway golf course. On the way up the hill to Wyddial, I could hear suggestions from behind of what the guys could do to my bike in a bid to slow me down, like letting the tyres down or adding some extra weight. Well I’m quite capable of doing both in one hit, an over indulgent weekend had added the extra weight to make the rear tyre appear flatter than usual but little did they know, I’d taken Matron Maurice’s advice over the weekend and sourced some medicine to finally get rid of the remnants of cold/chest infections I’ve been harbouring for sometime now. Well with a swig of this before setting off, it’s amazing how much easier it is when you can breath!

On through Buntingford to Westmill, where Andrew found the power button on his ‘stand in bike’ and took off up hill, only to find the battery wasn’t fully charged! Not just dope testing required but power testing too!! We caught him up and set off on the small path alongside the A10, so glad to be off there and back on the quiet roads to Braughing, Furneux Pelham, Brent Pelham, Meesden and Anstey back to Barkway, where John B joined us for a welcome pint and chips.

Another very pleasant ride, thanks Maurice.

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