20 Feb 2017 -Hot! Hot! Hot!!

Is this really February?!

Unseasonably high temperature 13*c + would greet us (Maurice, Andrew, Chris and Sandra) outside The Pheasant, Gt Chishill for an interesting 18.75 mile circuit.

While in the car park and preparing our bikes, Andrew was telling us of a wonder cure that he’d found for his back trouble and suggested that Maurice (also suffering back issues) should give it a try. Well, initially Maurice declined saying that it was down to the cold rides we’ve partaken of late and a warm ride would see him right. With Andrew showing how subtle he is now after said wonder cure, befitting of any Yoga class! Maurice bowed down and agreed to a stimulating massage of the wonder cure, administered by Andrew with a wry smile on his face!

The route description with emphasis of ‘Down’ to Elmdon and ‘Down’ to Strethall in a bid to reassure Chris this would be an easy ride. Only trouble is, you have to come back up somewhere along the way. Didn’t like to tell Chris, that I’ve heard that Gt Chishill is the highest village in Cambridgeshire.

Well, we set off, Maurice as if his pants were on fire! Well, not quite but his back was on fire, the wonder cure had set to work!!

Through Elmdon, Strethall, Littlebury Green, some modest climbs but mostly downhill to Clanver End, where we stopped for a breather. The next stretch to Newlands End would be a dragging hill with a kick at the end, as well as into the wind. A stop at the top to consider a possible change of route, taking into account the wind, as well as an assessment of how the wonder cure is working (Maurice still on fire and now smelling like he’d been on a rugby physio’s bench for some time!!). We’ll carry on regardless to Duddenhoe End,  Langley Lower Green and Little Chishill, with the ever looming Three Hills back to Gt Chishill. The wind had eased a bit but would have enough puff left to help us up the hills back to The Pheasant.

Thanks Maurice and Andrew for organising another entertaining ride.


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