28 July. Something Lovely in Wyddial

More hills this week, but good to keep the calorie output input in balance. This week’s 30+ mile ride started from The Pheasant and took the puff of Windmillers comprising Maurice, Dawg, Brummie Brian, Marmite Tom, Two scones Keith, Vernon, John T, John B, Ken, Moley and Guest Andrew from Edinburgh anti-clockwise via Barley before stopping firstly outside Maurice’s house to get revved up for the 2 mile hill climb up to Reed. Maurice got particularly revved up having to firstly see off a dodgy looking jogger on his property.


The next stop was outside John B’s house in Sandon and a comfort break in his stable yard:

The puff of Windmillers outside John B’s house in Sandon

Then it was through to Wyddial for a splendid coffee / cake stop at Something Lovely (highly recommended) before returning via Brent Pelham, Meesden, Lower Langley and and Chrishall.

Brummie Brian and Vernon outside Meesden church
Marmite Tom enjoying the ride but he hates jam
Another Scottish Andrew (God forbid!), a friend of Brian’s who joined us for the day

Without stopping at The Bull for refreshment, it was then full speed back to The Pheasant for a well earned pint and a good lunch.

Thanks once again to Maurice and his deputy Dawg for organising the ride.


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