18 August. Cakeless in Moulton

Another sunny Thursday morning saw seven Windmillers setting out from The Black Bull at Balsham for a tour of the lanes around the Cambs / Suffolk border. This was a reprise of the route we did back in April, only this time in a clockwise direction. We were dizzy with anticipation.

The Magnificent Seven – Maurice, Andrew, Vernon, Rick, Ken, Keith and Brian – stopped for an early coffee at The Packhorse Inn, Moulton. Imagine our disappointment, however, when having dismounted, parked up and settled ourselves comfortably in the garden, we were told, “Sorry, but we don’t do cake.” The coffee was fine but there wasn’t even a biscuit to dunk. Slim pickings indeed.

Resuming our ride, Andrew, caffeine-high but sugar-low, pulled up at a nearby Costcutter to procure a Mars Bar. Alas, with no means of deep frying the confection, our resident Scot was forced to eat it raw. Desperate times, desperate measures.

Otherwise, it was another glorious ride with Maurice once again leading us through some delightful countryside (though he did stop once to ask a postman the way) and we clocked up a very respectable 39 miles.

Arriving back in Balsham, Keith discovered his car alarm had been going off at regular intervals in the pub car park. Despite the racket, the manager of the Black Bull welcomed us back with an excellent Portuguese themed lunch and deep draughts from a new barrel of Woodford Wherry.

Keith, Ken, Andrew (proferring empty Mars Bar wrapper), Maurice, Vernon & Rick
Keith, Ken, Andrew (proferring empty Mars Bar wrapper), Maurice, Vernon & Rick
Screenshot 2016-08-18 at 16.48.48
39 miles, clockwise from Balsham

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