21 July. Ashwell circuit

What goes down must come up is the nature of cycling from The Pheasant, one of the highest points in South Cambridgeshire at 139 metres / 458 feet above sea level. Who said Cambridgeshire was flat? Today’s ride highlighted this feature when Maurice, Dawg, Vernon, Rick, Ken, John B, John T and Moley started with a long descent to the A505 followed by lane meandering through Melbourn, Whaddon, Wendy and Guilden Morden before a coffee stop in Ashwell where we squashed into a tiny back garden together with local mums and their tiny tots. We were joined there by Pete Tatlow of The Golden Fleece in Braughing who had also started from The Pheasant about 10 minutes behind us.

Bike ride 21 July 16

Fortified by caffeine and cakes the long 2 mile climb back up to Kelshall was completed at varying speeds, depending on cake consumption.

From the left, Dawg, Vernon, Rick, Maurice, Keith, Pete and Ken recovering after the climb from Odsey

Then it was the usual ups and downs back to Great Chishill via Reed and Barkway followed by an excellent lunch in The Pheasant, after which Ken, Keith and Moley departed for unlimited beer and balti at a 20/20 match in Chelmsford.

Thanks to Maurice and Deputy Dawg Andrew for organising the ride.

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