Three plus one tackle London to Cambridge

Windmiller Vernon was asked to ride a tandem with Alan a partially sighted chap who has his own tandem bike but who has lost his previously regular cycling partner.  Through Vernon’s volunteering to help Camsight, the local charity helping blind and partially sighted people round Cambridge, he was approached to do the London to Cambridge Charity Ride on Sunday 03rd July 16

They were part of a Camsight team of nine tandems, having left Cambridge by coach at 6 a.m. to start the ride from Pickett’s Lock near Edmonton, North London.

image001London Cambridge 2016 1

To view this wonderful spectacle of thousands of riders passing through the Essex countryside, Deputy Dawg Andrew left Wendens Ambo to meet up with Low Cost Ryan who had a delayed departure from Newport Terminal 1 travelling by super fast electric bike – So fast was Low Cost Ryan that Deputy Dawg Andrew passed him totally unawares in the opposite direction.

Having finally met up, we travelled against the posset of riders on the lookout for Vernon who we found in a matter of minutes near Wickham Bonhunt. I bellowed to Vernon to stop for a photograph who ignored me and kept riding – only to discover it’s not easy to stop and start a tandem in mid flight !!!

The halfway refreshment stop was at the village of Arkesden and to my amazement we bumped into Lyn (Squadron Leader Maurice’s wife) and her friend and companion Laura who were also taking part in the 60 mile ride. Shortly after Squadron Leader Maurice turned up on two wheels as part of the support team.

Well done to Vernon, Alan, Lyn and Laura for supporting and completing the annual Breast Cancer Now ride.

image003image004image002London Cambridge 2016 1

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