11 July. Male escorts in abundance*

On this fine summer’s evening, Lyn B had five male escorts on a delightful ride through the lanes, although two of them, hubby B and Low Cost Kell diverted on a shorter route home………. That left Lyn in the company of Squadron Leader Maurice, Deputy Dawg Andrew and Moley Martin clocking up 19 miles from The Pheasant and circuiting via Duddenhoe End, Upper Langley (where John and Kell took their leave to return via Lower Langley and Little Chishill), Clavering, Arkesden and Chrishall.

Lyn with escorts Maurice and Andrew

Kell was using his powerful new electric Giant but had it set on eco mode in order to get more exercise. A few tow ropes and sport mode could have been more fun. Next time Kell!

So we re-grouped at The Pheasant and enjoyed succulent goujons and chips washed down with Simon’s fine ales. More ladies would be very welcome on Monday evenings and on Thursdays too, so please spread the word. Rides of various distances are always available and the pace is quite leisurely.

Thanks to Maurice and Andrew for planning the ride.

* Editor’s note. The term male escort may have various meanings but it is better used above than chaperon, a person defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘a married or elderly woman in charge of girl on social occasions’ which hopefully does not apply to Maurice, Andrew, John, Kell or Martin (unless they are hiding something).


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