Delhi here we come, 30 June

…..or so it seemed when a large turnout of 9 Windmillers arrived at the farm shop in Ardeley for coffee to inspect once again the jungle of electricity cables strung overhead Delhi-style. Opinions were divided as to whether more wires had been connected since the last visit a few months back – see below.

En route from the Pheasant, which was left at 9.00am, the Windmillers comprised Squadron Leader Maurice and his flock of Deputy Dawg Andrew, John B, Hot Rod, Half Scone Keith, Vernon, Brummie Brian, Marmite Tom and Moley Martin. It was great to have Vernon with us again, getting in some training for a massive London – Cambridge ride on a tandem on 3 July which he was doing with a partially sighted co-rider. What a tremendous recovery he has made – well done Vernon!

Here is the 26 mile route, with a diversion via Anstey at the end:Bike ride 30 June

It was a perfect cycling day – warm and dry, little wind and empty lanes – just a few gravelly bits in the dips due the recent downpours, which Maurice was able to advise his flock about before ploughing into them at speed.

30 June
Front view
Back view
Dawg showing off by the Cromer windmill


Coffee in wire strewn Delhi / Ardeley whilst John enjoys a Heavenly Blonde

And then it was back via Nasty, Buntingford, Wyddial (with its Moles Lane), Anstey and Nuthampsted until the final climb back to the Pheasant where an excellent lunch was enjoyed by all.

Thanks, Maurice and Dawg for organising today’s ride.

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