Brexit lanes, 27 June

A pleasant summer’s evening, for a change, saw Maurice, Deputy Dawg Andrew, Marmite Tom and Moley Martin set off from the Pheasant at 6.00 pm for ups and downs around the lanes, trying not to talk too much about Brexit………….

Brexit contemplation?

The 23 mile route took in Heydon, Elmdon  and Littlebury before passing Audley End House bathed in the evening sunshine. Then it was up to Littlebury Greeen and down El Bastardo hill before proceeding up and down to  Arkesden and through to Wicken Bonhunt. Then up and along to Rickling Green before heading to Manuden to inspect the newly repaired potholes of Manuden High Street. Clavering was next and then Duddenhoe End, Lower Langley, Little Chishill and finally the climb back to the Pheasant to celebrate the Dawg’s conversion (from lager to beer) and enjoy goujons and chips, which made Brexit all the more bearable.

Thanks to Maurice and Deputy Dawg for organising the ride.

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