18 Feb. Yummy mummy ride



After a delayed start due to bad weather that did not materialise, eight fit chaps set off from The Pheasant at 2.00pm for a 27 mile ride in lovely weather in the direction of Shelford, via Chrishall Grange, Fowlmere and Thriplow, ostensibly to see the daffodils.The large contingent comprised the Squadron Leader Maurice, Deputy Dawg Andrew, John B, John T, Ken, Brian, Tom and Moley Martin, but their real destination was their favourite coffee stop in Great Shelford where it was impossible to find a table inside due to an equally large contingent of yummy mummies and their offspring, but never the twain did meet (to quote Kipling). So we were forced to sit outside and cool off:


Then Brian led the way to Sawston via the bumpy bike path, after which it was a pleasant meander through to Whittlesford Church via a new bike path and on to Ickleton via Hinxton where Ken and Moley, having started from Ickleton,  left the others to continue their ride back to The Pheasant.

Thanks to our leader for organising such a yummy ride.



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