15 Feb. Chilly but pleasant lanes.


A 10.00am start in a temperature of 2.5 C saw four stalwarts venture out on a circuit from The Pheasant via Heydon, Littlebury Green, Arkesden, Lower Langley and Little Chishill, clocking up 19 miles in the process. Squadron Leader Maurice led the way with Deputy Dawg Andrew, John B and Moley Martin in cold pursuit, with thoughts of a roaring fire at The Pheasant and nice beer already in mind before reaching Heydon. Moley had his usual gardening gloves on for extra protection but those didn’t prevent the cold reaching his other extremities, as he discovered at one ppoint in the ride.

The hoods in Arkesden
Nice backdrop, shame about the foreground. Note the gardening gloves.

But by the time we were climbing the final hill warm glows had spread comfortably and all enjoyed an excellent lunch in front of the fire. It won’t be long until Monday afternoon / evening rides can recommence due to the lengthening days.

Thanks, Maurice and Andrew for organising the ride.

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