11 Feb. No wasps at Wimpole

Our squadron leader Maurice led a party of 7 others comprising Deputy Dawg Andrew, John B, John T, Brian, Tom, new member Rick (welcome!) and Moley Martin on a glorious circuit of 35 miles from The Pheasant to Wimpole Hall via Barkway and Steeple Morden and back via Barrington, Fowlmere and Heydon:

Bike ride map 11.2.16

Thanks to Deputy Dawg, you can also view the route here:

Although a bit nippy to start with, after an overnight frost, warmth reached our extremities by the time we got to Therfield after which it got decidedly hot. The sun shone throughout and, being February, there was not a wasp in sight at Wimpole, unlike our last trip there in August 2015 when Maurice’s scone and jam was the centre of attention for the Wimpole wasp population.


Bulls eyeing up the heifers.


Wimpole Hall in all its glory



Not a wasp in sight, but any of these guys could sting you

The return trip was only about 15 miles but orders for beer were taken on the ascent to Heydon and these soon disappeared down the thirsty throats of the Pheasant pluckers, followed by an excellent lunch.

Thanks, Maurice, for an excellent ride.

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