Heading for the hills. 22 Feb.

A small group of four comprising Squadron leader Maurice, Deputy Dawg Andrew, Husky Andrew and Moley Martin re-commenced riding on a Monday afternoon, leaving The Pheasant at 3.30pm and riding 21 miles in glorious weather, with Maurice choosing as many hills as possible, until the end at 5.30pm. The route was via Heydon, Elmdon, Littlebury, Wendens Ambo, Littlebury Green, Duddenhoe End and Chrishall:


A stop had to be made outside Audley End House to admire the view, but some posers spoilt it:


Then it was onwards and upwards and downwards and upwards and alongwards and downwards and alongwards and upwards and downwards and upwards and, finally, alongwards to the welcome sign of The Pheasant where a roaring fire and good ales were awaiting us.

Thanks, Maurice, for putting us though our paces.

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