Chilly circuit, 23 November, 19 miles

Three hardy souls, Deputy Dawg Andrew, Keith and Moley Martin, set off from The Pheasant earlier than usual at 2.15 due to the dark evenings, wrapped up well to survive the 5C temperature. But going downhill to Duxford didn’t produce any warmth and it wasn’t until Coploe Hill in Ickleton that the first trickle of heat was felt in the extremities. And, of course, with DD being the aviation enthusiast that he is, a mandatory stop to view Duxford airfield was necessary despite the cold. A Gnat was spied, the sort with a jet engine. Both Andrew and Keith were wearing matching Sleazy Jet orange jackets and here they are viewing the runway:


Returning via Littlebury Green, Elmdon and Heydon, The Pheasant’s fire was particularly welcome along with a fine cheese board kindly provided by Simon and Ollie, and it was good to be joined by John B who was recuperating from having split too many logs.

Simon and Charlie (DD’s hound) warming up

Thanks, Andrew, for organising the ride.









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