Death defying ride, 19 November

Today’s ride of 29 miles, led by Deputy Dawg Andrew and accompanied by John B, John T, Keith, Brian and Moley Martin, took us through Barkway and on through uneventful lanes to Hare Street, past a well known Volkswagen dealer M J Warner, and on to the pretty village of Furneux Pelham. Then we approached the pothole capital of Essex, Manuden, and if those didn’t bring us close to death then being shot at by a shooting party near Maggots End certainly did. Guns went off all around us, just a few metres from the road, but despite hitting a hail of pellets we survived to tell the tale.

Next it was a pleasant break for coffee / beer in The Cricketers at Rickling Green and a final run back through Arkesden, Duddenhoe End and Chrishall, with the odd light shower now and then. The roaring fire in The Pheasant was a very welcome sight, as was our leader M J Warner who joined us for lunch. We hope his bug will have bug…ed off soon and that he will be back in the saddle.

Thanks, DD, for organising the ride.


Yellow men in The Cricketers.


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