Glorious clockwise circuit from Widdington, 26 November, 34 miles

This late autumnal ride on a fine day, but a bit wet under the tyres, was more or less the reverse of a ride a few weeks back. A good turnout comprised Deputy Dawg Andrew, Ken, Keith, John T, John B, Rod, Brian and Moley Martin. Other nicknames were discussed en route but the only ones that stuck (ho ho) was Sticky Toffee John (T) for his valiant attempt to devour a large pudding at the Fleur de Lys. Keith is also known as Two Scones from now on following his mid morning snack.

Having first repaired Brian’s puncture, we set off riding through Debden, Radwinter and Great Sampford, and it wasn’t long before we reached Finchingfield for another excellent coffee stop in Bosworth’s, the cafe by the green. The light outside was at its best due to the low sun, as depicted here:




Happy bikers outside Bosworth’s in Finchingfield

Enriched with caffeine, beer, scones and jam, a fast pace was then set homewards until a suspected slow puncture affected Andrew (who will be awarded the 2015 puncture prize at the Christmas lunch), followed by his chain coming off and, meanwhile, Rod was still having difficulty with his granny (gear). But by 1.15 pm we were back at the Fleur de Lys where we were joined by our leader Maurice and an excellent lunch was enjoyed by the knights at their round table washed down with some fine ales.

Contented Knights at their round table

Thanks to Andrew for organising the ride and the gods for the excellent weather.

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