1 July. Bunch of b******s confirmed. 14+ miles.

‘Don’t worry, we’ll go easy on you’, said Andrew, prior to Martin commencing a ride again after an 8 week lay off. But being unable to make the start at The Bull, Lower Langley with Maurice, Andrew and Keith, at the apppointed hour of 17.00, Martin called the threesome at 18.00 from The Bull to find out where they were. ‘We’re at Strethall heading for Elmdon’, said Andrew, ‘Why don’t you head to Little Chishill, up the three hills to Great Chishill and we’ll meet you somewhere near Chrishall most probably?’ ‘Thanks a bundle’, thought Martin, expecting a nice level route somewhere.

So Martin set off and discovered the three hills were easier than expected. He continued towards Great Chishill and Chrishall, expecting to meet the others coming in the opposite direction. As there was no sign of them he called Andrew only to discover that they were holed up in Simon and Ollie’s house in Elmdon having a few beers and hadn’t let Martin know. ‘What b******s’, thought Martin, agreeing completely with the view of Charles on his first ride out with the Windmillers back in May. There was, however, an invitation to join them but Martin declined as he was already heading through Chrishall and did not wish to clock up more miles than necessary. Guilt then set in with the b******s, resulting in Maurice phoning Martin to say that Simon had very kindly offered to give him a lift back to The Bull if he could make it as far as Elmdon. But by that time Martin was already speeding down the hill from Chrishall and so politely declined saying he would meet them all back at The Bull. And that is what happened, both Martin and the b******s having clocked up around 14 miles.

B******s at The Bull

It’s great to be back in the saddle again! And thanks, Simon, for the kind offer. I’ll take you up on it another time.


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