23 May 2019: Ireland

Brian returns to Ireland  . . .  in Bedfordshire

Thursday’s outing saw the Windmillers pay a return visit to Ireland – not the Emerald Isle – but a little place of the same name in Bedfordshire.

Setting off from the Cock at Broom, Brian – followed by Andrew, Bruce, Keith, Lawrence, Ric, Rod, Roger, Sandra, Simon and Tom – led the way around a 26 mile circuit very similar to last year’s but with some off road additions. What’s more it was polling day – this time for the European Parliament – and indeed we passed many a polling station along the way.

Keith’s got a cool new bike and matching outfit

As last year, we pulled in at the Shuttleworth Collection to peek into the hangers full of restored aeroplanes before continuing on through Ickwell – surely one of the prettiest villages in Bedfordshire – Northill and the delightfully named Moggerhanger. All had polling stations, but all seemingly devoid of voters.

Venturing off road, we joined the Ouse Valley Way, now part of National Cycle Route 51, following the line of the old Varsity Railway which used to run between Cambridge and Oxford until it was axed in the Beeching cuts of the 60s.

The blessed St Lawrence . . . this time in Willington

Joining the road again at Willington, we paused for a photo beside the 16th century dovecote before pulling in for coffee and cake at Cardington Barns.

Windmillers at Willington Dovecote

Refreshed, we made short work of the return leg – via Ireland – to Broom and a warm welcome at The Cock where we were joined by John Bagrie. Rod bought the beer – Happy Birthday, Rod! – and told the best Brexit related joke; something about the backstop being an item one purchases from the surgical counter at Boots.

John enjoying lunch

While lunching we were very pleased to hear that Martin’s prolonged stay in Addenbrookes had finally come to an end and he is on his way home. The following day we also heard that Graham’s visit to Papworth had been successful and mercifully brief. We shall expect full reports from you both – but spare us any pictures.

We look forward to seeing Martin and Graham back on two wheels again soon.


Screenshot 2019-05-24 at 18.30.11 (1)
26 miles anticlockwise from Broom

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