16 May 2019: Happy Birthday Graham

Maurice leading the way through Kersey

A sunny Thursday morning saw eleven Windmillers – Deborah, Sandra, Lawrence, Andrew, Geoff, Simon, Ken, Tom, Brian, Maurice and this week’s birthday boy, Graham – setting off from the Henny Swan for a tour of the Suffolk / Essex border country.

Our first stop was for a photo opportunity at the Church of St Lawrence, Great Waldingfield, where we considered offering up a get well prayer for our pal Martin who is banged up in Addenbrookes Hospital recovering from a nasty virus. But on reflection, we thought it best to wait for pub opening time and toast him with a good ale.

Lawrence Wragg: saint or sinner?

Our next stop was Boxford where we pulled in at The Coffee Stop for refreshment. Still in Boxford and just a little further down the road, we pulled in again at Howard Watts’ garage and motor showroom. No Rolls-Royces or Bentleys here, but a fine collection of lovingly restored Ferraris, Porsches and E-Types – plus some less familiar models, such as the 1961 French Panhard. Howard, a friend of Maurice’s and a larger than life, diamond geezer of a character, was most welcoming, showing off his beloved collection and entertaining us with his many stories.

Hanging out with Howard at Boxford

Back on the bikes, we took a diversion to visit Kersey; surely one of the prettiest villages in this part of the world.

Now well behind schedule and making best efforts to catch up, we were delayed yet again when Brian pulled up with a puncture. This was fixed soon enough – but not before we had endured Andrew’s usual sermon on the merits of Schwalbe Marathons.

Geoff risking electrocution on his e-bike
Andrew, feet dry but taking the strain on his soft tissue

One last challenge remained, the surprisingly hilly section around the village of Lamarsh, before we finally made the descent, hot and hungry, to the The Henny Swan.

Sharing a table in the garden, we enjoyed an excellent lunch plus several beers courtesy of Graham. We’ll be thinking of him next Thursday when he’s having his wiring checked out at Papworth. Good luck, Graham.

Happy Birthday Graham

We also raised a glass to Martin, wishing him a speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing him out on the bike again soon.

Screenshot 2019-05-16 at 17.31.30
33 miles clockwise from Henny Street

Thanks, as ever, to Maurice and Andrew for organising things.


Windmill Club photo album 2019

Windmill Club photo album 2018

5 replies on “16 May 2019: Happy Birthday Graham”

Hi Brian, many thanks for the excellent write-up and the photo of me on the E bike. Unfortunately that will now be one of my last memories of riding the bike as it got nicked at the weekend! At least I won’t be running the risk of electrocution again haha!!😂


Hi Martin, hope you are recovering well as I understand you’ve been unwell recently. I am well gutted by the theft of the bike as they are no longer available in the same set up. We were obviously targeted by some professional thieves who took five bikes including mine. They haven’t got the battery for it however as I had that with me in my room so I doubt the bike will be of much value to them! I’m about to do battle with the insurers so fingers crossed. Yes I would certainly buy one again but it would be another MTB version as I really use it for off-road. I think a hybrid like Maurice’s would be perfect for club use . Unfortunately I am missing this Thursday’s ride but hope to be there the week after. Best wishes, Geoff


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