28.01.19 – Pumped up and on our way again!

The Bull, Lower Langley was the meeting point for this ride, 15.00 start time. Maurice, Andrew, Sandra and Simon O (just managing to join us as hoped by the end of January).

A glorious sunny afternoon/evening was in store and we set off up to Meesden Bury, on to Brent Pelham and Stocking Pelham before hitting the somewhat rougher roads through to Furneux Pelham, this would be where Simon blinded by the sun took a direct hit on one of the potholes and lost all the air out of his front tyre. Not realising what had happened Maurice and Andrew had turned left, heading to Maggots End, I had also turned left towards Maggots End and reached the top of the first hill, only to look back to see Simon pushing his bike to catch up. Unsure as to whether there was actually a puncture, we opted for a quick puff of CO2 and hope it would hold (Simon’s bike has rather larger tyres than the regular and we didn’t fancy trying to pump by hand!!) strangely the tyre stayed up for the rest of the ride and I believe for some weeks afterwards.

Once pumped up we were on our way again and caught up with Maurice and Andrew somewhat further along the road. On to Manuden, Rickling Green, Rickling, Clavering, Roast Green where Andrew turned left to head towards Meesden Bury before dropping back to The Bull, ( I’d already ridden this way on the way to the Bull – hence the extra bits on the map) and Maurice, Simon and I went the direct route to Lower Langley and the welcome of The Bull.

28.01.19 - Lower Langley.png
20 miles anticlockwise

Thanks Maurice for the ride and Andrew for organising us.

Apologies that this rides blog is somewhat out of sync.


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