07.03.19 – Storm Sandra Strikes Again!!!

The Fox & Duck, Therfield was the meeting point for this ride. With Maurice and Andrew away, I was tasked with organising a ride, well storm Freya passed through the week before, so all should go well. The weather was looking ok earlier in the week and I’d chosen a route, so that if the winds returned we would be sheltered from hedges to a degree!!

The wind had returned for the day and 2 brave/foolhardy souls were willing to join me, Lawrence and Graham. With the knowledge that the weather was only going to get worse later we set off to Dane End, turning towards Sandon before turning left and heading through Green End, Mill End and Lye End to Buntingford, on through the High Street and heading to Aspenden, Westmill, Nasty and Gt Munden. So far not too bad with the wind, as we’d been fairly well sheltered, that would change when we hit the bottom of the valley from Gt Munden to the Haultwick turn, this stretch was more akin to being in a wind tunnel, a full on head wind, the guys opting to tuck in behind me. I had promised them that this wouldn’t be for long and we would be turning to take full advantage of a tail wind up the hill into Haultwick. There was a huge sigh of relief at this turning point and we could also hear ourselves think too.

On to Wood End and Church Farm, Ardeley (Little Delhi!!) for coffee and a well deserved break. Knowing that it was only 10 miles back from here with a tail wind, we lingered a while. Then it was down to Cromer before heading up to Cumberlow Green, Rushden and then through Sandon, Kelshall and the direct route to Therfield and the welcoming Fox & Duck, where Brummy Brian, Yorkie Brian (who had chosen to find their own route in the slightly more exposed Cambridgeshire) and Rocket Rod joined us for lunch.

Triumphant trio.



Storm Sandra 1.png
28 miles clockwise

Thanks to Lawrence and Graham for being brave enough to join me and Rod and the Two Brian’s for joining us for lunch.

Storm ( Sandra)

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