24 January 2019 – Fireworks at Abington Pigotts

whatsapp image 2019-01-24 at 15.54.44It was more like a Roman candle than a birthday candle fizzing away in front of Brian. He had bought the beers and the Windmillers – back from a 29 mile outing – had just finished a big lunch at the Pig & Abbott, when Landlady Pat surprised the birthday boy with a very large cake topped with a rather alarming firework. Pat stood by with advice on the best way to blow it out – but the pyrotechnics eventually fizzled out themselves and Brian was able to cut generous slices for all.

Great Gransden – the oldest post mill in England – with some of the oldest cyclists

Twelve Windmillers – Maurice, Graham, Sandra, Deborah, Ken, Lawrence, Rod, Brian, Chris, Tom, Andrew – and his old school chum, Don – had set off from Abington Pigotts on a route that had taken in Steeple Morden, Potton, Gamlingay and Waresley, where we pulled in for coffee at the garden centre. Then on the return leg we took a diversion to visit Cockayne Hatley; a charmingly named little place at the end of a no-through road. Nice enough but – as Americans say of Canada – not for the whole weekend.

Cockayne Hatley – our first (and final) visit

The outing would have been uneventful but for Chris taking a tumble on a slippery bend not far from the finish. Thankfully, the road was quiet and – apart from road rash and a very sore shoulder – Chris didn’t sustain too much damage. Just as well, as he is off skiing soon.

Back at the pub, we were delighted to be joined by Vernon, who’d heard rumours of free beer.

Thanks, as ever, to Maurice for planning the route and guiding us around – and to Andrew for getting us all organised.

screenshot 2019-01-25 at 09.31.05
29 miles anticlockwise from Abington Pigotts


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