31.12.18 – New Years Eve – Finale for 2018

The last ride for 2018 would see Graham out for his first Windmillers Monday outing (still in the recovery period from recent surgery), riding up from Ickleton to join Sandra, Simon, Maurice (back on the repaired E-Bike) and Andrew (5) for yet another great ride. Arriving early and sampling the beer prior to the ride proved to be a good choice, as you’ll see later!

We set off towards Nuthampstead before veering off to Anstey, Meesden, Langley (Lower and Upper), Duddenhoe End, up to Elmdon and then heading back via Heydon, Gt Chishill, Shaftenhoe End back up to Nuthampstead. On route discussions of one of Graham’s favourite routes being from The Woodman to Anstey known locally as ’21 bends’, never counted them but I’m not sure that’s the correct number! With time and daylight in hand, we set forth along this delightful route. Andrew stopping abruptly, having seen an unusual dog being walked along with another dog and a couple of handlers, he knows the way back from here, so we carried on regardless. Graham and Sandra carried on to Anstey and then back to The Tally Ho, leaving Simon and Maurice cycling together (or so we thought!) and Andrew somewhere behind. By the time we got back to The Tally Ho we were ready for some more refreshments but total darkness, NO! Sign on the door, clearly crossed out 6pm closing and replaced with 3.30pm!!! A quick Google to see if anywhere else would be open proved disappointing, nothing obvious. We were soon joined by Andrew, in a rush to swap bike for Range Rover to go back and collect Maurice, the E-Bike had failed again, AH! At this point we realised Simon was missing and it was getting quite dark too, dilemma, do we go in search or wait and hope he finds his way back. Waiting was the chosen option and with Andrew heading back to fetch Maurice, thankfully they found him on his way back, having gone into The Blind Fiddler, Anstey to get directions, all’s well that ends well but still no beer, this is where Maurice would be our saviour and invited us back to his for some delightful Abbott before he was due to go out partying the night away and welcoming in the New Year. Much appreciated Maurice. While at Maurice’s, Simon told us of exploits and then realised, that with The Tally Ho being closed, that would be why he recognised so many people in The Blind Fiddler and they recognised him too!! If the locals go there too, maybe it’s worth a visit too soon.

New Years Eve.png
21 miles anti-clockwise

Thanks Maurice for organising the ride and Andrew for organising us.


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