24.12.18 – T’Was Xmas eve

With most windmillers on their travels to family or to find more festive weather and maybe a bit of Apres ski or last-minute buying and wrapping presents, this afternoon/evening would only yield three riders, Maurice, Simon and Sandra.

And what a lovely ride it would be, almost clear skies and very little wind. Having arrived early at the The Tally Ho, the festive party atmosphere was in full swing, after a swift half and some words of caution from the locals regarding cycling in this area, into the evening sporting faux antlers (rutting season is in full swing)!!

We set off for the 19 mile circuit before heading back to a warm welcome from Saleesha and some delightful refreshments, there also seemed to be a bit of a competition involving Xmas jumpers, the winner was a rather dazzling one with flashing lights, sadly no pictures, as we could only cope with a few seconds at a time!!

T'Was Christmas Eve.png
19 miles

Thanks to Simon and Maurice for joining me, Maurice for opting for and guiding us around the gentler route with less hills. (Sadly no E-Bike).


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