03.12.18 – Murky Lanes

The first ride of the meteorological winter brought five intrepid wind-millers out to test the roads. Maurice, Rod, Geoff, Simon and Sandra met at The Tally Ho, Barkway. The time is drawing closer to clean and put away the Summer bikes and bring out the winter steeds, sporting mudguards!! Having encountered a heavy shower on the ride up to Barkway, with Rod gleefully tooting his car horn passing by at this moment in time, I knew then that I had chosen the wrong bike for this ride but I sure wasn’t going back to change it now.

A little bit of confusion at the start, thinking Martin would be joining us but no sign, a few phone calls ensued and still no sign, with light fading we looked around to see that Maurice and Rod on their electric steeds, had set off, thankfully for the followers the wind was on our tails as we turned to head towards Nuthampstead and we quickly caught them up, passing Barkway golf course heading to Anstey, Geoff and Maurice drew the attention of an Alsatian being walked off leash in the field nearby, as it rushed over to say hello, apparently friendly but didn’t sound that way to those dashing off in front!! On to Gt Hormead, Furneux Pelham where we took the track from Whitebarns through to Hartham Common, this was where Rod had flashbacks to a previous ride on this route and the first outing with us on the EBike, thankfully the thorns had been washed away or squashed enough not to cause any punctures on this ride. On through various Greens (Walsall, Starling’s, Deers and Roast) to Meesden, again along this stretch Geoff would draw the attention of another dog being walked, this time on a leash but with enough rope to lurch at him as he cycled past, a warning to us all, if there are dogs around make sure you’re not cycling with Geoff!!

Back via Anstey to a warm welcome from Saleesha and a roaring fire at The Tally Ho. A mixture of refreshments this evening, selection of beers and even a warming pot of TEA.

windmillers tally ho 03.12.18
19 miles anticlockwise

Another great ride, if a bit damp and mucky. Thanks Maurice.



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