19.11.18 – Return to The Tally Ho

Evenings are drawing ever closer and the shower clouds were looming, so 2.30 would be the start time from The Tally Ho, Barkway. Simon at the bar playing ball with the barman’s dog, in the hopes to tire this young dog out before the trip home, not much chance of that with a spaniel. Sandra and Maurice joining him before setting off in the glorious sunshine but sadly this wouldn’t last for the whole ride.

Setting off north through Barkway to Reed, Therfield and Sandon before heading to Buntingford and this would be the start of the changing skies, darkening with rainbows in front, as sure sign of rain, thankfully we passed through Wyddial and on to Anstey quarry before turning to pass Barkway Golf course and into some rain, enough to annoy but not soak us, arriving at the Tally Ho before the official opening time but Saleesha would take pity on us and let us in for a warm by the fire and refreshments. Plenty of lagers to choose and Guinness but Hophead was the only choice for beer, hoping for more choice soon. The heavens opened and a huge downpour happened while inside, clearing just before I set off home. Saleesha is prepared to open earlier for us in future, there’s only so much I can drink to make it worth her while, thankfully it’s downhill most of the way home and fairly straight.

Return to The Tally Ho.png
19 miles anti-clockwise

Thanks Maurice for yet another great ride.


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