23.08.18 -That missing ride

This ride seems to have slipped through the net and with no known photos of the day I’m working with vague recollections of the day of who may or may not have been included. Starting out from The Sword in Hand, Westmill, who at the time were in full preparation for the impending August Bank Holiday beer festival and around 30 different barrels of ale settling neatly on the racking ready, maybe for thirsty Windmill Club cyclists to sample on our return, alas they needed to have some left for the weekend revellers, so we stuck with the very refreshing in-house beers.

From memory – (10) riders – Maurice, Andrew, John B, Lawrence, Brummy Brian, Yorkie Brian, Ken, Victor, Keith and Sandra rode out this day. If you rode and I’ve missed you off or if I’ve included you and you don’t recall riding, please let me know and I’ll edit accordingly, we all know how important statistics are!!

From Westmill we headed to Nasty, Great Munden, Dane End, Sacombe, Stonyhills to Bengeo (I recall a brief wait here as I think Yorkie Brian had a puncture, happy to be corrected if incorrect). Once regrouped we headed along the towpath cycle track to Ware and sadly our usual coffee stop was closed, no idea why but we just went around the corner to Jacoby’s for our caffeine fix while John B carried on and would meet back up with us at Westmill, might have been a wise decision, as this establishment seemed to only be able to make one drink at a time and took an age to serve us all. Suitably refreshed we set off, at this point the two Brians left us and headed straight back to Westmill, a prior arrangement and the need to get back after the elongated coffee stop. While the peloton headed on to Babbs End, Barwick, skirted Standon, before crossing over the A10 to Colliers End and back to Great Munden and Nasty. This was where I may have led a few followers astray and headed back along what I now know to be a more hilly route to Westmill, while Maurice took the chasing pack via the downhill route and were back all loaded up and heading for the bar on our arrival, sorry to those who followed me but we did end up at the same place.

Westmill 23.08.18.png
29 miles anti clockwise

Thanks Maurice for a great route and Andrew for organising us.


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