12.11.18 – Chasing the sunset

With the start time 14.45, gradually creeping forward in the hopes of getting back to the pub before dark but not having to wait too long for opening at 17.00. Maurice and Rod (E-bikers), Andrew and Sandra (Purist peddlers) met at The Bull, Lower Langley. Rod having invested in some new Schwalbe Marathon shoes for his steed, hopeful this would prevent a repeat of last weeks thorn gathering experience. A promise had been made that the route would be swept personally by hand by Andrew, so that thorns wouldn’t be an issue this week. Meanwhile, Andrew’s shares in Schwalbe must have increased greatly thanks mainly to The Windmill Club, as he too arrived with an, as good as new off-road steed to try out, very nice looking too. Be prepared for some more off-roading in the summer!!

We set off to Little Chishill, Great Chishill, Heydon and Elmdon, stopping for a brief break to check the time and daylight situation, before setting off again to Strethall along a route where some hedge cutting was taking place, thankfully no-one succumbed to thorns this time. On through Littlebury Green and up to Duddenhoe End, picking our way through closed road signs and on to Arkesden, Clavering and Sheepcote Green. The daylight was really closing in on us now and a large herd of deer chasing across the road just before us, some choosing to pause in the field, always a worry, as you never know which way they are going to go but they stood fast and let us pass.

Back to The Bull with only a few minutes wait, as Sarah took pity on us and let us in out of the now chilling air. Great beer and Pistachios (the new healthier goujons!!).

Bull Run 12.11.18.png
21 miles clockwise

Another great ride, thanks Maurice and Andrew for organising us.


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