05.11.2018 – Windmillers & E-Motion

A lovely afternoon/evening was in store. A bright glow in the air as I approached The Bull, Lower Langley, was it the Sun or the newly acquired High-Vis garments in preparation of cycling into the evening Sun, NO, it was the beaming grin on Rocket Rod’s face, showing off his shiny new E-Bike to Maurice!!

It’s a thumbs down from Purist Andrew!!

Having only acquired this sparkly steed on Saturday, minimal road work had taken place, so this would be a good test amongst friends, none of us competitive at all!! Lets just say that Rod no longer requires a jetpack, as the battery pack has more than enough power for the local hills. On leaving The Bull, Rod took off into the distance, I managed to catch up with him, heading up to Little Chishill before dropping to Shaftenhoe End, where we stopped to regroup with Maurice and Andrew before heading up to Barkway, Rod’s orange glow took off up the hills into the distance briefly stopping at the top of one of the hills to take in the sun, suggestion of adding a solar panel on such occasions to add longevity to the battery. Passing through Barkway and pausing in The Tally Ho car park, checking the opening times for future rides, further investigation required here.

On to Nuthampstead, Anstey and Little Hormead before heading to Furneux Pelham and a little off road stretch down towards Hartham Common. Whether it was the off road section, the narrow road with recently flailed hedges both sides and well basically a mat of hedge cutting all the way along or the curse of new bike tyres (thinest material they can find), the wind was most certainly taken from Rods sails, well his rear tyre anyway!! With the light failing, it was decided to divert back to Lower Langley via Meesden and Maurice went back in his car to collect Rod.

In spite of the puncture (which I now know was a thorn), another great ride. Great to have you back on board again Rod after some time away.

05.11.18 The Bull.png
20 miles anti-clockwise


Thanks Maurice for organising the ride, Andrew for organising us and Rod for the refreshments, much appreciated, very kind.


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