29.10.18 – Windmillers Autumn Watch

What a glorious Autumn evening, sitting in the sunshine waiting for Andrew and Martin to join me outside The Bull, Lower Langley, watching Red Kites circling, some even dipping in and out of The Bull’s garden.

This being the first ride after the clocks went back, meaning an earlier start of 15.00. Autumn certainly in the air, temperature dropping rapidly but Martin hopeful maybe that the sun would keep some warmth in the air, choosing to bare knobby knees, while Andrew freshly back from warmer climes and noticing the dramatic change to the weather after just ten days in the Mediterranean.

Thirsty Dawg, still in cruise mode!!

We set off to Duddenhoe End then on to Arkesden, it wasn’t long before we came across a small herd of deer grazing the fresh crops, on through to Rickling taking in the vibrant Autumn colours. On leaving Rickling a young stag was spotted, hopeful of getting a picture against the setting sun and horizon, we slowed down but the stag was proving more difficult to capture and took off, running along side us for a while before cutting across the road in front of us, to a point where the photo would not have the same impact, I think this stag could have been John B in disguise, the way he managed to avoid the camera!!!

While watching this stag, we were fortunate enough to see a Buzzard drop out of a tree at the side of the road to catch a small mammal and devour in one go and then take off. All in a evenings Windmill Club Autumn Watch ride.

On to Berden and Stocking Pelham, where a comfort break would make an amazing discovery in a garden, a 5″ scale model railway line!!


On from here via Brent Pelham to Meesden Bury and Roast Green to Lower Langley, with a couple of stops to check Martin’s bike which had developed a strange noise, it turns out he’s been tinkering again.

The Bull looking fabulous, lit up to welcome us in. What better way to finish a ride than with Benny’s Best.

Windmillers Autumn Watch .png

19.5 miles clockwise

Thanks Andrew for organising and Martin for the photographs.


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