15.10.18 -Mudguards and waterproofs!!

This Autumn afternoon/evening wasn’t what it was supposed to be but the four intrepid souls embarking from The Bull, Lower Langley, were determined to ride their bicycles into the night. As the dry weather had dispersed, so the battle with low, blinding sun would not be the case this afternoon.

Maurice, Andrew, Simon and Sandra, set forth into the damp air. Most took to layers of waterproof gear, while Simon chose to brave the most natural, probably quicker and easier to dry layer of “skin” (I must add, not the full birthday suit!!). This would prove at the end of the ride to be a wise decision, as even though it was damp throughout the ride, it certainly was a pleasant temperature but that may have also been down to the layers we were wearing!!

We set forth to Meesden Bury, Brent Pelham and then on to Berden, with the roads quite damp, muddy and littered with leaf debris care needed to be taken, thankfully Maurice had chosen an unpowered steed, so there was no need for us to be chasing after this Speedster!!

On to Wicken Bonhunt, Arkesden, Duddenhoe End and Langley Upper Green, along the way a cheeky hen pheasant took flight alongside Andrew and cut across in front of him, possibly an attempt to take him out prior to the beating/shooting season and saving all her friends/family! The conversation quickly turned to game recipes and making space in the freezer for ‘the bag’!!

At Langley Upper Green, the group split, with Maurice and Simon heading the short route back and Andrew and Sandra going via Butts Green and Roast Green to add approx 4 miles to the route. A warm welcome awaited us at The Bull. ‘Flanders Field’ the beer of choice, Green King – British Legion special, very refreshing too.

The Bull - 15.10.18.png
19 miles clockwise

Thanks to Maurice for organising the ride, Andrew for organising us and to Simon for the delicious Quince jelly (still warm).


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