8 October. Feeling Bullish for 20 miles.

Six Windmillers comprising Maurice, Andrew, Keith, Sandra, Simon and Martin set forth from The Bull at Lower Langley at 4.30pm on this cloudy but dry autumnal evening, not knowing that they would be achieving a higher than usual average speed of 12.4 mph for the ride. Was this the wind, increased fitness levels or the thought of a pint of Benny’s Best at the end? Perhaps all three.

Maurice led the way on his highly charged steed firstly towards Shaftenhoe End and then due South to Little Hormead before turning left towards Furneux Pelham and back via the outskirts of Clavering. Here is the route in detail:

Bull circuit 8 Oct 18

There were some significant hills at times, as shown in the graphs above, resulting in a loss of 839 calories, according to Mapometer. A pint of Benny’s Best only amounts to 210 calories and so we can comfort ourselves with a net loss of 629 calories……………

There were few stops, not even outside the church in Furneux Pelham where ‘Time Flies’, but a brief pause was made to take on and expel water, rather like a steam engine.

Bull ride 1 8 Oct 18
Stopping briefly for water, knobbly knees still in evidence on a mild October’s evening

The moving average had slowed to 12.0 mph by Roast Green but thanks to a high speed descent to Lower Langley this increased to 12.4 mph just as the welcome sight of The Bull came into view.

Bull ride 2 8 Oct 18
Calorie replenishment taking place in The Bull

Thanks once again to maestro Maurice for leading us around the Autumnal lanes and to deputy dawg Andrew for organising us all. It’s a good feeling not to have anything to do except just turn up and pay our dues. Over £1500 has already been raised for charity this year and so by Christmas this should be a tidy sum to distribute.


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