2 July. John ‘the tenor’ Tarrington entertains after 20 miles through the lanes.

It was a lovely summer’s evening as four Windmillers set off from the Tally Ho! in Barkway, not knowing what a sing-song might occur later. Maurice was once again on Ann Worthing’s electric bike, with which he became so enamoured that he bought one for himself in Aldeburgh over the weekend, which needs a bit of tlc before being allowed out on the road.

Accompanied by Andrew, John T and Martin, the quartet set off on a delightful trip around the lanes taking in Anstey, Meesden, Clavering, Arkesden, Duddenhoe End, Langley Lower Green and back via Anstey, with John T taking a longer route via Nuthampstead. Here is the tadpole route taken (apologies for the first attempt at creating a Strava image):

It was of course thirsty work and so a stop had to be made at The Bull at Lower Langley, which was somewhat less busy than the Friday evening before when Ken Worthing organised a ride, which also happened to pass by The Bull. Then it was heaving with families and kids all having a great pizza evening and enjoying the sunshine.

John T oiling his vocal chords for the entertainment to come

Then it was back to The Tally Ho! to receive a warm welcome from Sally behind the bar and the locals, most of whom we had met before on previous visits. Somehow or other, the conversation got around to Rogers and Hammerstein whereupon John T professed to be a great fan and indeed knew all the words of pretty well every R&H musical ever written, and began to serenade us in a fine tenor voice that Lawrence would have loved to hear too. South Pacific, Carousel, Oklahoma, you name it and John knows it. Sadly, however, this site does not support videos but if a way can be found to create a link to Andrew’s filming of John and the chorus, it will be added at a later date. Thoughts of a follow up at the annual Christmas lunch also spring to mind………..

Thanks to Maurice and Andrew for organising the ride.




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